Spring Blues Are Dark Gray

So... we had to do an assignment for my photojournalism class that illustrated spring fever/relationships.  Either or.  My original idea was to have a student in full golf attire practicing his iron shots in the rain with a title "Can't Wait till Spring?"  Thankfully my contacts fell through so I was able to take these shots of the three course meal of a man Thomas Freeman.  

In the shots he's depressed because the weather is putting a damper on his tennis plans.  Imagine this scenario.  Thomas had a date scheduled with a sassy temptress, but a passing storm system came so she cancelled.  


CPFD "Kick the tires and light the fires"

College Place fire department trainees wait for their turn at putting out a controlled car fire. The trainees worked in the rain on Wednesday evening, Feb. 25. One of the trainees, Sean Martin, is an aviation major at Walla Walla University. He's been in the fire department training program since the beginning of January. “My favorite part of program is the live fire training,” Sean said. “The car fire was definitely a blast! Probably one of the funnest things we have done yet.” Once he completes the training Sean plans on working for the College Place fire department for the remainder of his college career, then he says he will “see where God leads from there.”  

Sean can be contacted at bgreenberets@hotmail.com.  Stop by the College Place fire department to learn more about what they do.