Epic (winter quarter) Adventure II

Our group continues the tradition of embarking on an epic adventure during winter quarter.  This year we traveled to Washington DC for the 56th presidential inauguration.  For our first trip,  in 2007, we went to Hawaii, which is a slightly more tropical location than the Capital.  When we landed in Maryland, the 20 degree air crystalized doubts in our minds about whether or not this destination was a solid decision.  Washington DC may not have beaches or palm tress but just think about what it does have...

...I'll help-


roman architecture,

street vendors,

a metro,

but mainly Barack Obama's inauguration.

Our group was lucky enough to grab tickets for the event so we were able to get within 250-500m of the President while he gave his speech.

These two pictures were taken on the monday before inauguration.    The picture above is of (most) of our group in front of the Capital Building.  Below is a picture of Alban, Phil, and Eric trying to make sense of wher's where in Union Station.  Eric was the Smeagol who guided us through the Mordor of downtown DC.


Jon Jon he's our man, if he can't do it...

(Above) Jon Nickel, starting guard for Team America, gleefully glances at the press box while his team makes a comeback late in the second half. After falling behind early, Team America tried to claw their way back into the game against the New Direction last monday night (1-26). Team America's late game attack was similar to the time Luke Skywalker fought his father Darth Vader late in Star Wars VI "Return of the Jedi."  Unlike Luke Skywalker however, Team America's effort wasn't good enough, and they lost. 

(Below)Partly because it looks like something an athlete would do, and partly because it was sweaty, Jon discards his headband after his loss against the New Direction.  "We were patient," Jon confessed after the game, "that's why we came back.  But then we stopped being patient, and when we stopped being patient we got sloppy, and when we got sloppy it was a mess.” 

B-league is a competitive level, the weak wouldn't last more than a quarter, which is good, because intramural basketball only runs that long.  The main reason this league is so competitive is simply because at every game only one out of two competing teams can win. However, the winners should not get all the credit because they did not become winners on their own, someone had to help them get there.  We all know who these unsung heros are--THE LOSERS.  But should we really refer to them as such?  A famous author-in his own write-once posed the question:  

"Should not we seek to help our brethren, and sistren, whenever occasion greats us with op, or tunity?" (Thomas Benjamin) 

I echo this great question for all the Jon Nickels out there who have ever eaten the soggy cafe-food of defeat.  



This hope scarf, made by Pepsi-Cola, stands out in a crowd making their way to the metro at Union Station.  Pepsi took full advantage of all the Barack Obama campaign slogans with the letter O.  Sings, scarfs, and bags were all around the Capital.

Inauguration, Get Some! heat.

Two ladies try to keep warm by sporting their hot Barack Obama memorabilia blankets. Temperatures were well below freezing Tuesday morning at the Capital.  


Room Assignment

Every morning a group of hardcore 4th south residents rise at 5:53 and journey to the WEC where they proceed to kick some serious life. Sometimes during the transition from gym clothes into classroom attire the shoes do this.