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Walt Disney is not the only magical place on the planet. Narnia, Oz, Stonehenge, etc. are all places of imagination and creativity. Perhaps less well known, but in no way less magical, is Camp Ida-Haven. This summer, the film crew at Ida-Haven, led by fearless leader Phillip, spit out films with the intensity of a loose llama.

Base camped in an 8'x20'(ish) construction trailer affectionately deemed "the job shack," the crew created and captured videos most summer long. The first production involved the entire Camp Ida-Haven Staff. The film, a romantic musical about two unlikely lovers, the daughter of a prestigious book club president and a punk rocking local, began the summer's film making with a journey through the emotional horse trough of romance.

Once the film started digitally rolling, Haven Films found its cadence. Four more productions would hit the big screen before Kids Camp ended: a song drama about overcoming the mundanity of life, a hair story about friendship, a spoof of Napoleon Dynamite, and a Western. Apart from these films, Haven Films also produced videos highlighting the campers weekly activities. Buttressed by a rocking soundtrack, these highlight videos were designed to capture the 7 day life changing experiences of camp. Below is a clip of Kevin getting some BMX footage during Junior Camp.

The end of kids camps meant the end of videos for Haven Films, but the crew continued to seek adventure in the mountain tops at dawn,

and dusk.

Sunset. Part of the magic at Haven Films. Sure as the summer sun sets so shall the simple cinematic productions of Haven Films be a success next season.

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