Epic (winter quarter) Adventure II

Our group continues the tradition of embarking on an epic adventure during winter quarter.  This year we traveled to Washington DC for the 56th presidential inauguration.  For our first trip,  in 2007, we went to Hawaii, which is a slightly more tropical location than the Capital.  When we landed in Maryland, the 20 degree air crystalized doubts in our minds about whether or not this destination was a solid decision.  Washington DC may not have beaches or palm tress but just think about what it does have...

...I'll help-


roman architecture,

street vendors,

a metro,

but mainly Barack Obama's inauguration.

Our group was lucky enough to grab tickets for the event so we were able to get within 250-500m of the President while he gave his speech.

These two pictures were taken on the monday before inauguration.    The picture above is of (most) of our group in front of the Capital Building.  Below is a picture of Alban, Phil, and Eric trying to make sense of wher's where in Union Station.  Eric was the Smeagol who guided us through the Mordor of downtown DC.

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