Portraits Part I

Carol Geisinger stands in front of the BIBLES section at the ABC Bookstore.  Carol is the manager of the College Place store.  She has worked is biz just over ten years including her time at the store in Spokane.  Carol considers her job a perfect fit.

If you've called the 9th street Dominoes in Walla Walla in the past year and a half there's a chance you've talked to Andy.  

Andy Maycumber is a Wa-Hi student working at Jack in the Box.

Monica Carmona and Paul Jimenez work at Los Tapatios Market, which is a Mexican general store owned by Paul's father.


  1. i really like the picture of andy in dominoes.... it shows a lot of attitude...

  2. This is awesome. Way to get out of your comfort zone and into the reall world!

  3. I love that you captured people you didn't know, way to get out there. I like the caption and photo of Andy, it tells alot of who he has been during the past year. The one of Monica and Paul though, I dont' think tells enough about THEM. It tells about their family, yes, but the fact that the store is owned by his father maybe tell more of his enviroment rather than theirs. But I could be wrong. I like your photos alot, nice work :].